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What is Case Management?

Case Management refers to both medical and vocational rehabilitation. We assist injured or disabled individuals in navigating medical care, understanding the laws and rules, and facilitating a safe and cost-effective return to work.  

Stubbe Case Management services provide highly-trained and experienced nurses or vocational case managers. Many of our case managers are certified,  indicating their specialized training and expertise. Stubbe, as a URAC-accredited company, adheres to strict standards on every case management function. Our excellent response times to new referrals, attention to detail, and trusted follow-through have been the same for over 35 years!

Medical Case Management

A collaborative process of assessment, planning, care coordination, and evaluation to provide cost-effective, quality case management services. Our goal is to achieve a quick and successful return to work or optimum level of functioning. This may include the identification of a modified duty position (hours of daily work determined by the doctor) when medically appropriate. This coordinated effort helps control costs and provides effective medical care.

Vocational Case Management

When an injured or ill individual cannot return to the job where they were injured or became ill, a vocational case manager may assist with getting them back to work or finding alternative occupations. The vocational case manager will review the functional capabilities, educational background, and transferable skills. Once they have accumulated information from the individual, the case manager works to identify appropriate jobs to return the client to suitable and gainful employment or may recommend retraining if necessary.

MN Statutory Case Management

In the state of Minnesota, many injured workers are entitled to Statutory Rehabilitation Services. If an injured worker’s total disability exceeds 13 weeks, a Registered Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) is assigned by the employer/insurer or chosen by the injured worker. The QRC is governed by a plethora of statutes and regulations and is required to act as a neutral party. The QRC has the responsibility of developing and implementing a rehabilitation plan that is focused on returning the worker to suitable and gainful employment. Link to MN website.

South Dakota Certified Managed Care

Stubbe Case Management is a Certified Case Management Organization in the state of South Dakota. Our case managers coordinate medical care and facilitate communication with the goal of a successful return to work. Link to South Dakota Labor and Industry.