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Supporting return-to-work individuals through assessment and analysis of their working skills and physical capabilities.

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What is Vocational Case Management?

When an injured or ill individual cannot return to the same job at the same employer, a vocational case manager may assist with getting them back to work. The vocational case manager will review the individual’s functional capabilities, educational background, and transferable skills. This information helps the case manager identify appropriate jobs for the client so they can return to competitive employment.

How Vocational Case Management Helps

Vocational cases are unique to each individual. There are many scenarios where an injured or ill individual may need assistance with returning to work. Vocational Case Management can help individuals get back to work in these scenarios:


    • Same employer, same job
    • Same employer, same job modified
    • Same employer, transitional job
    • Same employer, permanent light duty job
    • Same employer, different job
    • New employer, same job
    • New employer, same job modified
    • New employer, alternate job based on transferable skills
    • On-the-job training, new employer
    • Training/education which is tailored for job placement in a receptive market and which leads to a new employer, new job

What Do We Cover Under Vocational Case Management?

Vocational Assessment

What is Vocational Assessment?

A Vocational Assessment is a written assessment of the injured workers’ desire to return to work. It may include job analysis, a transferable skills analysis, a labor market survey, and an assessment of the client’s job-seeking skills—both written and verbal. Once this information is collected, assessments provide a step-by-step plan for a timely return to work.


Transferable Skills

What are Transferable Skills?

A Transferable Skill Analysis (TSA) is used to determine if a worker has achieved their skill sets at previous workplaces. This analysis gives Stubbe Case Management experts the information they need to find suitable roles for the individual in other occupations. An individual’s physical capabilities are factored into the skill analysis.

Job Analysis

What is Job Analysis?

A Job Analysis documents the physical demands, the training requirements, and the essential and non-essential functions of a particular job. This determines and helps facilitate the most reasonable ways an individual can safely and expeditiously return to work.

Labor Market Survey

What is Labor Market Survey?

A Labor Market Survey is a telephonic survey of employers documenting employment trends and assessing the latest labor market statistics. The report provides current viability and anticipated earnings for a specific job in a certain geographic area.

Long-Term Disability

What is Long-Term Disability?

Long-Term Disability is a service that provides case management for individuals receiving long-term or extended disability payments for a personal injury. The vocational professionals review the case files and evaluate for appropriate services, which may include a physical abilities assessment, vocational evaluation, transferable skills analysis, lab market surveys, and job placement services.

Case management coordinates the communication between the worker, employer, and medical providers to facilitate a safe return to work environment where feasible.

Job Seeking Skills

What are Job Seeking Skills?

Job seeking skills are when an individual enters a job search. This training is provided to maximize the success of the search by teaching the individual how to interview, how to create a resume, how to search for appropriate positions, and how to fill out applications. The training that is provided gives an overview of the process of searching for a new job.

Transitional Return To Work

What is Transitional Return To Work?

This service places an injured or ill individual into a temporary work environment that enables the individual to work within their physical capabilities subsequent to a work-related injury. This service allows them to maintain a regular work schedule with an off-site transitional work provider.

Transitional Return to Work services should be utilized when employers are not able to identify in-house modified duty or may have limits in terms of their ability to monitor an on-site modified duty assignment for their employees.

Job Development & Placement

What is Job Development and Placement?

The Stubbe Case Management staff is equipped with a team of vocational experts who assist in Job placement and development services for their clients. Through these services, Stubbe experts can place clients in appropriate jobs, coordinate modified or alternative jobs with employers, provide on-the-job training, or assist with direct job placement with new employers.

At times, there may be a need to set up short-term vocational training programs to ease them into the workplace. Job-seeking skills classes are also offered to strengthen an individual’s chances of getting back to work. These classes include resume writing and interview coaching.

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